IntroCap: An Interview with Bill Vlaad

IntroCap Interviews is a recorded series of timely, in-depth interviews primarily with key experts in the Canadian alternative investment industry but also with compelling individuals across other disciplines. Listeners are rewarded with distinct insights and wisdom from some of today’s most thoughtful leaders.

In this episode, Karen catches up with Bill Vlaad from Vlaad and Company, a standout executive financial recruitment firm in Canada. Bill shares his journey from investment banking to founding his own company, and talks about the lessons learned from his career changes and the importance of matching personal goals with career paths. The conversation also delves into how Vlaad and Company specializes in connecting top finance firms with the right talent, navigating Canada’s unique financial sector with a tailored approach to recruitment across various fields like private equity and infrastructure. Bill provides valuable insights on adapting to the changing job market as well as strategic career planning advice for individuals and companies alike.

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