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As a finance recruiter based in Toronto with offices across Canada, we support financial services clients with:

  • wholesale banking;
  • all buy-side roles;
  • direct investment
  • corporate development.

We cover all institutional roles in financial services. Therefore, we believe we need to cover all levels for effective industry coverage.

We work exclusively with our clients on each role to produce superior results. In our experience, using fixed-dollar fees reduces unambiguity, providing certainty from the start of the engagement. Requiring a deposit to commence your search ensures a mutual commitment to success.

At Vlaad and Company, our recruitment process includes three main stages:

  • Search Stage;
  • Offer Stage; and
  • Transition Stage

We pride ourselves in working with the best opportunities the street has to offer. We look for mandates where we can add value and follow a well-defined list of criteria when deciding to take on new roles.

Yes. We match the probationary period of our client’s offer for the successful candidate.
Given our dedication to this industry, we enter into new deals only if we can assure that no other mandate we are currently involved with will materially impact the integrity of the new search. “Off-limits’, generally means ensuring certain client’s employees are not recruited. We work with our clients to ensure any potential conflicts are handled with integrity.

Given our industry focus and our proprietary newsletter Bill’s Buzz® which touches the market weekly and continually updates our database, our searches run more efficiently than most generalist recruitment firms. We will do our best to provide you with a shortlist generally within two weeks understanding that variables, which impact timing, vary widely from search to search.

Our entire staff is at our client’s disposal and you will work with whom you choose. We will provide you with the most industry-capable recruiter only as a suggestion.

We work where our clients need us. Our clients’ business lines – and the businesses they support – are global. We have offices throughout Canada but work on finance searches around the world. The backbone of our business stems from our weekly communication, Bill’s Buzz, with an audience of over 18,000 institutional finance professionals globally.

Vlaad and Company is built on relationships – our candidates are more than a database number.

We layer on our industry networks, technical understanding, compensation data and market knowledge to find you candidates that matter.