Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We help companies deliver solutions that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the financial recruitment space.

Attracting the Best

Corporate culture is evolving, and companies not only recognize the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion but are beginning to build and strengthen policies that protect these commitments. We help our clients attract the very best. Your diversity, equity, and inclusion policies help retain them.

Identifying Gaps

Leading companies no longer wait for an independent review to act. Identifying gaps in diversity, inclusion, pay, and other benefits is a way to stand apart from the competition and let candidates and employees know that you offer an inclusive culture that advocates beyond words on a page.

Our Commitment

Vlaad and Company is committed to a workplace that is inclusive, and free of prejudice and discrimination.


We are a proud affiliate and champion of Women in Capital Markets (WCM). WCM’s mission is to accelerate equity, diversity, and inclusion in finance. They do this through equity literacy, amplifying diverse talent, and uniting Canada’s finance industry.

Our clients recognize and appreciate the insight we offer as these efforts demonstrate a deep and positive impact across the recruitment and retention spectrum.