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Vlaad and Company has over 15 years of experience with executive financial recruitment and career transition in Canada. 

Top talent shape organizations and reshape our world.

At Vlaad and Company, we’re talent driven. Our vast network of financial professionals is actively managed, enabling us to move quickly when clients need us.


We connect organizations with exceptional financial talent across the seniority spectrum from recent graduates to the C-suite. We attract and engage talent across investment and corporate banking and capital markets through direct investment, asset/wealth management, and corporate development.

We are committed to your long-term success. Whether you are hiring a new executive, an entire team or adding to your growing team of junior professionals, we work to support your vision


As leaders who specialize in executive financial recruitment, we connect exceptional candidates with opportunities that shape our world.

We give our best

Our search process is designed to offer more than any other. Our Search Navigator ensures clarity ahead of the search start, analyzes company culture and fit for the role, beyond the job description.


We have mapped the full spectrum of financial talent to provide our clients with clarity around current compensation and market trends.

With access to data-driven evaluation tools, employers have the option to customize the process to fit their needs. Do you want to participate in the search for new talent? You can determine if you’d like to use scorecards, moon charts, or even personality evaluations to further customize a search. 

Our Market Mapping Capabilities

As a leader in placing top talent in Canada’s finance industry, our market mapping capabilities come from mapping the groups within every vertical we cover.

Our tenure in the space affords us a historical view of our candidates from performance to culture and fit, providing a customized and fulsome picture of individuals we put forward.

Key Considerations

Employers should consider if their search is for a candidate who has a different approach or skillset to what they’re seeing in the market or if they want to model their role after a successful approach that could benefit their business. Market-mapping involves looking at a company’s competition and other key players to understand the talent available and who should be approached.

Roles are proactively evaluated when a replacement is sought to ensure that future business needs are met. As your search partner, we work with hiring managers and key decision makers to understand your needs before qualifying and mapping new candidates for a specific role.


Market-mapping is becoming increasingly more important as executive, leadership, and other roles evolve to encompass the growing needs of business and the market.

Commited to your needs

With a growing and dynamic pool of finance-focused candidates, we are able to quickly identify and present talent using visual dashboards that simplify options. 


Once we have your criteria, we drill down deep. We look at social footprint, personality tests, and can assess fit to find talent that is committed to your objectives.

Executives at the Highest Levels

In addition to adding junior bench strength, much of our work focuses on leaders and C-suite positions.


We understand Canadian financial markets in a way that allows us to focus on executive talent with a bespoke approach to selecting and vetting professionals in finance, C-suite executives, board members, and governance committee roles.


Senior executives set the tone for the company. These professionals are often the face of change, have the required vision, and embody the values of the company. We work with key stakeholders to ensure that the role’s goals are clear and that we find a candidate who can lead people as well as execute effectively against measurable metrics.

Board/Committee/IRC Level

Corporate boards and committees bear the behind-the-scenes responsibility for steering the ship. We connect companies with tailored talent to meet specific board or committee needs. A board with diverse experience, including talent that’s been through a turnaround or crisis, is critical when navigating financial and operational successes or failures.

Private Equity

The sector is dealing with overall location issues, interest rate/inflation anxiety, and a rise of GP-led secondaries. LPs expect higher rates of return from their investments in this space relative to other available investment vehicles in the market, exerting increasing pressure on GPs to focus on ESG improvements. As a result, the hiring criteria for candidates have become increasingly specific and competitive. 

Asset Management

Each asset manager has a unique investment mandate differing in objectives, risks, and eligible instruments. We work with a range of institutions (i.e., sovereign wealth funds, pension funds insurance firms, wealth managers, financial advisors, and charities) to match the investment philosophies and objectives of our clients to the candidate universe.

Financial Sponsored Portfolio Companies

Much of the investment thesis for portfolio financial sponsor’s companies rests on the senior executive’s ability to deliver on the plan. 

Placing investment professionals at the GP offers us direct insight into their values, style, and objectives. This understanding transfers effectively when looking for C-suite professionals within the operating companies.  Our search methodology focuses on finding and building relationships with leaders that deliver results.

Compensation Summaries

Compensation can make or break the offer process. Understanding current market value is key. We understand the unique value our candidates and clients bring to an opportunity.

We tap into our market mapping capabilities across our candidate pool to uncover current compensation trends and best practices.

We take the guesswork out of compensation and help our clients make appropriate offers that entice and retain top talent. Our clients have real-time access to current compensation data and trends relevant to the opportunity.