The CLiP: Featuring Brian Mulroney

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In memory of Brian Mulroney, we have pulled a segment from our archives. We invite you to listen to an episode from our podcast, The CLiP, and listen to part of his story told in his own words.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Attention spans are short. You’ll need to be concise, and focused, which means condensing your perfect pitch down to its key elements. That brings us to the “6 in 60” approach, where you distill your six most compelling attributes into a 60-second delivery.

Fall Call – Video

Fall Call

Join us and our guests for a panel discussion on recruitment, retention, and compensation trends for Canadian private equity, asset management, capital markets, and banking.

Nailing Your Job Interview

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The job interview is a process – not a simple interaction. But with the right preparation, focus, attitude and guidance from your recruiter, you can nail it!

Effective Resumes Tell a Story

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It’s not enough to be well qualified for a new position you’ll need to capture the attention of the recruiter who may be evaluating numerous qualified candidates in search of the best one. Telling your story can gain the advantage and lead you to be the successful hire.

Strategic Networking is a Lifelong Endeavour

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Networking is a key facet of anyone’s career success.  It opens doors to new opportunities and facilitates the exchange of ideas.  For workers looking to their next career move, networking is critical in finding the opportunity, obtaining a referral or enlisting references

Saving & Wasting Time


Time. Not once, in 20+ years in the search business, has it been my friend. Sure, it may heal wounds and it may be money, but as Robin Williams noted, “time is the best teacher, unfortunately, it kills all of its students.”